Kim Beyer


Finding freedom after trauma ⚡️ Growing up all over again

About Me

I'm Kim, nice to "meet" you! I had the perfect little family until my husband suffered a devastating brain aneurysm and our lives were thrown into complete chaos as I became his caregiver and a functionally single mom to our two kids, while losing all hope for the future. We're doing great now, but it took us 8 years to get here! I created THUNDERSTRUCK to be the empowering online community I wish I'd had when mine was pulled apart by midlife tragedy.


You and I both understand at a visceral level what it’s like to be isolated by a profound loss, relocation, or complete shift in religious or sexual identity. Everyone looks at you with a combination of fear and pity - and you’re burned out on the loneliness and trauma. 

NO MORE. I am here for you. We are here for you. 

THUNDERSTRUCK is full of future friends who've lost family, rebuilt their lives from scratch, and made themselves stronger despite the worst of odds. 

We aren’t survivors, we are thrivers, and we will encourage you in all the ways your well-intentioned friends might not be able to.

We are listening ears, friends to laugh with even when it gets dark, and a well of resources on everything from caregiving, life hacks, faith exploration, and mental health.